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Paul Harris was a lawyer in Chicago and in 1905, he organised the first Rotary Club "in fellowship and friendship" with three of his clients, Silvester Schele, Gustavus Loehr, and Hiram Shorey. His initial goal was to create a club of professional and business men for friendship and fellowship. Early on, he realised that Rotary needed a greater purpose. While he served as president of the Chicago Rotary Club in 1907, the club initiated its first public service project, the construction of public toilets in Chicago. This step transformed Rotary into the world's first Service Club.

 Harris had great ambitions for the growth of Rotary, and very early in the organisation's history new clubs were started, first on the west coast, and then all over the US and in Europe.

By the time of his death at the age of seventy-nine, Rotary International had grown to more than 200,000 members in 75 countries.

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In many parts of the world, individuals who have contributed more than $1000 to the Annual Program Fund, the Polio Plus Fund or the Humanitarian Grants Program of the Rotary Foundation are recognised as Paul Harris Fellows.  Some clubs are proud to boast that 100% of their membership have received the award!

In Whitstable, we have settled on a slightly different approach.  We view the PHF as an opportunity to honour members of our club for their outstanding service to Rotary and society.  It is not an honour that we bestow lightly and we are very proud of our members who have received this prestigious award.  We also have the opportunity to bestow the award upon members of our community, who while not being a member of Whitstable, have made an outstanding contribution to our society.

Whitstable Rotary Club are proud of the following members, who have all become Paul Harris Fellows:

david rowe       brian white       gordon johnson      kim foster      richard miller     

David Rowe        Brian White   Gordon Johnson  Kim Foster     Richard Miller


 chris davey      mike bantin      paul addis      brian brooks      donald howson

 Chris Davey       Mike Bantin      Paul Addis      Brian Brooks     Don Howson   


rob smyth      david feasey     Mike Mitchell     Bernard Q Jonesb   kevin

  Rob Smyth       David Feasey   Mike Mitchell  Barry Q.Jones   Kevin Fielding

                        (additional chip)

malcolm ramsey      paul downes      david cavell     andrew gough

Malcolm Ramsey Paul Downs   David Cavell   Andrew Gough




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