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President: Mike Bantin - 2017/2018

mike bantin



Well, here I am fifteen years after my first stint in the chair doing it again, hopefully a little wiser in the ways of Rotary than I was back then. At least this time I'm living in a house rather than a caravan!


Although in general the club's aims remain the same, such as increasing our profile by having a visible and well supported presence at local events, raising charitable funds to help local and international projects and preserving  our precious links with our contact clubs, there are two crucial  factors which are fundamental to maintaining all these things, namely involvement by all members in the club's activities and of course, membership itself.


To that end we've recently held events to gain new members  from both sexes, with some success, and in order to capitalise on that situation perhaps we should look at our culture with a view to be more welcoming, modern and open minded in our approach which I am sure will result in increasing numbers joining us. Thus we can look forward to a re-invigorated club with a flourishing membership enabling us to achieve even more in the future.


I look forward to help from all of you to realise these objectives, but at the same time to continue to have fun!


 Mike Bantin.





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